April 19, 2007

Virginia Tech – Are we really all that surprised?

Posted in In the news at 1:13 pm by Amy

While I would agree that what happened at Virginia Tech was terrible, are we really all that surprised?

I’ll save the gun debate for another time as others have weighed in on this.

The fact that this sort of thing keeps happening, points to the fact that we, as a society, have done little (if anything) to deal with the causes of the rage behind the action.

As a society, we encourage people to be rude and inconsiderate. Maybe not in so many words, but by our actions or lack of action. We allow discourtesy by not challenging those who are being discourteous. We do nothing to teach courtesy or consideration.

We encourage self-absorption by not encouraging empathy.

We encourage violence by not teaching problem solving or providing encouragement and hope to those who need to hear those words.

When people feel completely disenfranchised, powerless, uncared for, humiliated or disrespected, and get to a point where everything builds into a mountain, all it takes is one more thing to create a tipping point and start an avalanche.

Maybe it’s time for us to stop being so involved in our own selves and give some thought to those around us. Maybe really hearing what someone else has to say could be the one moment of caring that will change that person’s life and keep them from the crisis that could become an avalanche of despair and hate.


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